Thursday, September 25, 2003

Sunday in the Park with George dir. Terry Hughes
I gave up on this after about 30 minutes. To begin with, it's a filming of a live off-Broadway production, so it's not particularly filmic, the sound engineering is off, and the makeup is garish. So it would have taken a superb plot to get me interested, and all I saw was ho-hum. If anyone thinks this is worth getting through, please e-mail me.

Practical Magic dir. Griffin Dunne based on the novel by Alice Hoffman
You don't often find a chick flick that transcends its genre. This one comes close, so it's worth watching for entertainment. The black comedy in the murder scene is especially juicy. But in the end, the sappy romantic end and the unforgivably silly song-and-dance (among other things) don't give this movie the depth that the dark arts deserve.


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