Monday, November 17, 2003

Blogroll Update

In addition to Marstonalia, I now have five other blogs by Davidson students and alums. Alenda Lux Ubi Orta Libertas, (which is the Davidson motto and translates as "let learning be cherished where liberty has arisen") is by a mysterious alum but he is obviously friends with Roshan Paul aka Organized Nomad. I knew Roshan at Davidson; he is a compatriot and fellow computer science survivor. Surprisingly, he has Nidhi's blog on his blogroll. Thanks to Hanley, I know that dating at Davidson still sucks. Erica Robin informs us that Joyce Carol Oates may be a great public speaker, but is not up to snuff as a poet or public speaker. (Plus she's sadly as anorexic in real life as she appears in her dust jacket photos.) Sims Hill is a sophomore, which means she was born in 1984, which means I am really old. And finally, Dan Troy, whom I am loathe to add, is a Republican wingnut, courtesy of whom we get:

Reasons why the US is better than Europe:

3) You dont have to pay for ketchup in McDonalds

2) There isn´t a McDonalds AND a BK (literally) every city block.

1) Street signs...´nuff said. (And they´re on EVERY street, not just selective ¨special¨ streets)

Enough said, indeed. Perhaps he should read Marstonalia.


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