Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Perfect Pitch
We will watch for jadoo that is not jadery. We will dance a jaleo with mortality, and avoid jaundering unless it turns out to be profound jaundering. We will try to alembicate the salmagundi of motivation but not to laconize at the expense of insight. We will not be the ichoglans of fashion. We will try to fecundate each other's scintillations without utterly abjuring the apodictic. We will remember that John Donne was smarter than us; but we will believe we contain nooks unlimned by him. We hope to jabble the surface of experience until the hansa of Helicon floats near our dripping fingers. May our feluccas return loaded with sublime types of pemmican.
From Mark Halliday's Creative Writing Seminar: Poetry course description


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