Thursday, April 01, 2004

Films at Emory
Emory unfortunately doesn't publicize its film schedule in the AJC or CLN, so I almost missed their screening of Blackmail (silent version) here are the remaining films of their spring semester:

Wednesday, April 14.
Ashamed to say I haven't seen it but it's Kubrick, whom I consider good but not great. His cold misanthropy gets old very quickly.
Compare Ebert's review with Steve Murray's.

Wednesday, April 21.
A TASTE OF CHERRY (Iran, 1998)
This emperor has no clothes. And the ending has no heart either. But go watch it for yourself; you may read more into it than I did. If you happen to know Hindi (as I do) you might enjoy the similarities between Farsi and Hindi. You may find Ebert's and David Denby's reviews insightful.

Wednesday, April 28.
HUMANITÉ (France, 1999).

UPDATE: There is also a Latin-American film festival at Emory entitled From Ink to Screen: Films of Literary Adaptation. It's not advertised or even hosted on their film site, but rather on the personal home page of a Spanish/Portuguese professor under the category Website Design. If anyone at Emory is reading this, please try to advertise your films on one website and please publicize them in Atlanta newspapers and zines.

UPDATE 2: Here's a list of other films at Emory, hosted by German studies, Irish studies, etc.


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