Monday, May 03, 2004

Bent Frequency Presents: Lost Hysterical Man @ The Rialto Center For The Performing Arts At GSU on Monday, May 10, 8:30 Pm
From their press release
Lost Hysterical Man examines the influence of those crushed by the horrors of
the world in which they lived, captive to the perspective reflected in the
shards of their shattered minds. These are the voices of those on the
outside looking in, clinging to hope and wrestling with despair. Join us as
we explore the beauty and reason in the creations of those deemed degenerate
and unfit, featuring compositions by Giacinto Scelsi, Frederic Rzewski,
Percy Grainger, Robert Schumann, and Rezso Seress.
I'm not sure what Schumann and Grainger are doing in a new music group's program, but it's good to see Grainger getting performed in Atlanta. I can't think of any Rzewski being performed here in the last five years so it's good to see him in the program, too, although I'm not sure he was ever deemed degenerate. He does alas have Marxist sympathies but I enjoy his overtly political works unlike Brecht whom I would rather see forgotten. Rzewski is a virtuoso pianist so expect some pianistic fireworks regardless.

This is BF's last concert of the season since I don't count their June 5th "daylong celebration of CREATION through the audience-participatory DESTRUCTION of a contact-mic-riddled car." According to their web site "the final product will be a 3+ hour spontaneous composition of creative collaboration between Atlanta's various, fragmented art/music/technology communities." Sounds more like artsy types who have never heard of a monster truck rally. And what's the word "fragmented" doing in there?


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