Monday, June 21, 2004

Not That I'm Surprised With This Sort of Coincidence Any More
A week ago I was introduced to Angus and Basil by a friend, Melanie, who mentioned that a short film they made was going to be screened at Atlanta Film Festival shorts program: 48 Hour Film Project, Best of Atlanta. "Yolk of Authority" is the name of their film. On Tuesday night I ran into an acquaintance, Khurram, who introduced me to a local actor, Shezi, who mentioned he was in a 48-hour-project film. "Which one?" I asked. Yolk of Authority. On Saturday, after watching the shorts, I chatted with Gerry, an ACLU lawyer in Atlanta. Gerry mentioned that he also knows Shezi, because Shezi had been an intern at the ACLU. Later that night I met Jerry once again at a party and he mentioned that he had taught Jen last semester.


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