Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Posting has Been Light
  • roommate gets new job in Dallas and tells me his daughter is moving into his room
  • roommate gets heart attack one Sunday morning
  • roommate recovers. roommate's daughter loses friend in car wreck
  • i finally get the job offer from the company that's put me on hold for forever
  • i figure out how to submit my resignation, since I've never done that before
  • the job change gives me immigration woes again
  • my ex's brother dies of complications from pneumonia
  • roommate moves to Dallas
I picked one hell of a time to listen to Giya Kancheli.


Blogger rusty said...

Sounds like your last month or so went a little like mine did. Hope everyone who's still around recovers, and that you enjoy your new job.

11:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

happens quite frequently with most of us...that we land up with a job and later realize that it is not our cup of tea due to one reason or the other.. needs trust when looking oit for a job... get registered with the job networking website.. http://www.simplihire.com and trust ur alumni for ur job change!

5:59 AM  

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