Wednesday, June 07, 2006

On Conservative Rock Songs
A lot of virtual link has been spilled on this already, but Charles Pierce's article has got to be read
This is how he can type, with a straight face, that “Wouldn't It Be Nice?” is pro-abstinence and pro-marriage, despite the fact that, at the time he wrote it, Brian Wilson was doing young ladies three at a time and Hoovering up Chinese heroin at an alarming pace, although it’s possible that Miller sees Wilson in this light as having blazed the trail through moral consistency that Newt (“Got a cold, dear? I want a divorce.”) Gingrich, Rush (“Why Wasn't I Born An East German Swimmer?”) Limbaugh, and Bill (“Where The Hell’s ‘Tumbling Dice’ On The List, Anyway?”) Bennett could later follow. It also enables him to listen to the Kinks and be completely deaf to Ray Davies’ sense of irony, which is roughly akin to listening to the “1812 Overture” and failing to hear the cannons.


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