Sunday, December 12, 2010

What's the Point of It All?

I'm just about done with my first semester, so it's an appropriate time to think about whether this whole pursuit of psychological knowledge thing is worthwhile. Let's look at "On the Purposes Served by Psychological Research and its Critics":

We concur with Wallach and Wallach's (1998) subjective assessment that much psychological research contributes little to our corpus of knowledge, but we dispute their analysis of the causes of this problem. A critical assessment of their analysis reveals it to be (a) logically flawed, (b) irrelevant to hypotheses conceming psychological processes, and (c) potentially injurious to the processes through which creative scientific hypotheses are developed. The Wallachs' article may serve a valuable purpose-but only if read very critically.

I plan to read the rest in a few days but it definitely grabs my attention to see a critique of a critique where the authors still reach the same conclusion, namely, that psychology is largely worthless.


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