Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Bribery; And a Rebel Sociologist in Libya

From APS comes a new article on the collectivism-bribery connection as researched by Nina Mazar and Pankaj Aggarwal. Both correlational and experimental research support the idea that collectivism predicts bribery. (Unfortunately, the full journal article is in Psychological Science, which I can't access.)

Meanwhile in Libya, a PhD sociology candidate who has embedded himself with the rebel forces is blogging at Revolutionology (found via MindHacks). While some of the posts are the length of short magazine articles, others are snippets that are reminiscent of early P. J. O'Rourke:
Kaboom (Part Ithnayn [Part Two])

Susanne: “Mehdi, are you carrying a gun?”

Mehdi: “No.”

Susanne: “Under the circumstances, don’t you think that might be a good idea?”

Mehdi: “We don’t need one.”

Susanne: “Why not?”

Mehdi: “I have this.” [Rummages in the beat-up Mazda's glove compartment and pulls out a hand grenade.]

Susanne (stunned): “What the hell are you going to do with that?”

Mehdi: “I’m going to throw it at Gaddafi when I see him.”

Also see Kaboom (Part Wahid [Part One])


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