Saturday, September 24, 2011

Daniel Kahneman, Leda Cosmides, Steven Pinker, Michael Gazzaniga, and Elaine Pagals Walk into a Wine Bar

Yes, they walk into a wine bar.* In Napa. And give a series of masterclasses on the science of human nature.

The talks that already online are:
Daniel Kahneman, "The Marvels and the flaws of intuitive thinking"
Martin Nowak, "The Evolution of Cooperation"

The rest--which include Pinker talking about the history of violence--will probably be online in the next month. By the way, there's a full text version of the Kahneman talk, but if you've never heard Kahneman speak before, I'd recommend the video.

*Technically, these talks were at a vineyard, but I assume they did not speak amidst the vines.


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