Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Michael Kamen RIP
Michael Kamen, 55, died November 18 of a heart attack. Kamen composed and conducted some of the music for the '96 Olympics here in Atlanta. He wrote the music for the Die Hard and Lethal Weapon films, License to Kill, and Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, including (Everything I Do) I Do It For You, which you either loved or hated. He orchestrated Pink Floyd's The Wall and Metallica's S & M. Terry Gilliam, a friend of his, invited him to write the music for Brazil. Yes, he also perpetrated the finale of the American Symphony from Mr Holland's Opus, but the rest of the symphony, which you can't hear in the film is better. His last film was Open Range. No, he wasn't a classical composer, but his music is a veritable joyride. He will be missed.


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