Monday, February 02, 2004

My apologies, dear readers, for being absent for so long. Yes, I will review the movies I mentioned earlier. In the mean time, I have updated my blogroll.

Winston's Diary, which I found through B&W, has the mission statement "Taking On Leftist Double-Speak, Academic Insanity, & General Lapses in Logic and Good Taste." Of course, I wish he'd devote some time to cataloguing rightist double-speak too, but I protest too much. In any case, his tone is not vicious and each of his posts is thoughtful and unique. Some very interesting posts on lit crit including "Sensible" Literary Criticism: Bibliography in Progress.

The second blogroll addition is Snarkout, a general-interest weblog written with intellegence but without heavy-handed hip-ironic cleverness. Of particular interest to me was The Paris Review conspiracy a review of Dale Peck's hatchet job on Rick Moody.


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