Friday, September 02, 2005

Keeps Getting Better

Thanks to Mind Hacks for a link to New Algorithm for Learning Languages. It's about the Automatic Distillation of Structure (ADIOS) algorithm, which can discern the rules of grammar after it reads a book in any language. But here's the coolest part:
In addition to child-directed language, the algorithm has been tested on the full text of the Bible in several languages, on artificial context-free languages with thousands of rules and on musical notation. It also has been applied to biological data, such as nucleotide base pairs and amino acid sequences. In analyzing proteins, for example, the algorithm was able to extract from amino acid sequences patterns that were highly correlated with the functional properties of the proteins. [italics mine]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is to say you that tamizh is a classical language and ILAYARAJA composer of THIRUVASAKAM is a musical genius and is living mozart of this century

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