Monday, November 16, 2009

In Udaipur Tonight

The morning in Jodhpur went well with a visit to Umaid Palace followed by shopping. The palace itself looked squat from the outside and wasn't very impressive except for its size. The interior however featured some worthwhile objets d'art including some of the most fascinating clocks I've ever seen.

The shopping trip including stops at a textile store and three antique shops. The first two had good collections and I ended up buying a small card box from one. The third was more like a warehouse of everything one could possibly fit under one roof.

For lunch we went to Bollygood restaurant, where we ended up getting to know the owners of the restaurant and adjoining hotel. They were both very gracious. I also got a tour of the hotel. The furnishings were quite interesting, especially in the honeymoon suite.

In the late afternoon we flew to Udaipur. The flight arrived on time but the ride to the hotel took some time due to traffic. When we finally got to the hotel the sun had set but we still got a view somewhat like this.


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