Sunday, July 20, 2008

Atlanta's Most Walkable Neighborhoods - Walk Score Neighborhood Rankings

Atlanta's Most Walkable Neighborhoods - Walk Score Neighborhood Rankings:

1 Five Points 95
2 Poncey-Highland 93
3 Sweet Auburn 88
4 Midtown 87
5 Atlanta-Inman Park 86
6 Old Fourth Ward 84
7 Downtown 81
8 Virginia-Highland 80
9 Home Park 76
10 Cabbage Town 74

I just found this through Atrios's post about walkable neighborhoods in Philly. I'md a bit surprised that Decatur isn't here, although it technically falls outside the city of Atlanta, so that could be why. Having worked downtown, I'm very surprised that Downtown is more walkable than Va-Hi. Having lived in Home Park in the late 90s, I also consider it about 20 points behind Virginia Highland, not a mere 4 points.(I'm also pretty certain that they mean Little 5 Points, not Five Points, although even native Atlantans get those two mixed up.)


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