Wednesday, May 25, 2011

From "Cognitive Dissonance: A History in Tweets"

In the beginning:
seeker7: Feeling excited, nervous. End of the world tomorrow.
About 57 years ago

seeker7: Still excited. In a few hours the world will end in cataclysmic flood. We await Guardians’ spacecraft to take us away.
About 57 years ago

seeker7: Confused. No flying saucer; no cataclysm. WTF? But
wait! It’s OK: We have been saved by our unflagging faith!
About 57 years ago

Leon: Working hard. ‘‘When Prophecy Fails’’ provides great
example of the theory in action. Writing new book about the
theory itself.
About 56 years ago
And later:
heartlessbastard: @newlooker3: What, you think we should
be using the IAT instead? LOL.
About 10 years ago

newlooker3: @heartlessbastard: Ignoring you. Generating
boatloads of results and counting thousands of citations instead.
So yeah: LOL.
About 10 years ago
Excerpted from a journal article in Perspectives on Psychological Science, LOL. Here's the pdf: