Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Weird Choice for Best Place to Work
Looking at a new Fortune 100 best-companies-Google-Maps mashup, which incidentally is on a desi site, I found that two of the top 20 are in Atlanta. One of them is HomeBanc and here's the cited reason:
Prayers frequently open meetings at this faith-based mortgage banker. Dr. Dwight Ike Reighard, a former pastor, is chief people officer-- he reports directly to the CEO and shepherds the company flock.
Now even if I were religious (and I once was quite religious) I wouldn't use this criterion to rate a workplace. And I'm not even going to touch the issue of breaking the law. (hat tip: Cool Google Maps.

Of the total 100, three are in Atlanta, two in Columbus, and one in Savannah.


Blogger mibazaar said...

Thanks for the mention of my fortune 100 mashup. Yes indeed, its a desi site.

11:59 AM  
Anonymous Dennis Sullivan said...

The actual ratings methodology for these selections are much more rigorous and rational. But Fortune included what I would describe as a throwaway blurb for each of the 100 companies, I think looking for something unique about each. I work for another Atlanta based Fortune 100 best places to work, Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, and our blurb - although less annoying than the cited one - really doesn't have anything to do with why it's a good place to work. It was an exciting honor to be selected, but everyone I heard from was disappointed at the random tidbit selection that supposedly characterized the organization. Perhaps another casualty of the media sound-bite or text-byte age. Incidentally, the HomeBanc blurb is probably more useful than ours. I don't really know anything about the company, but this blurb might well tend to attract potential employees who might end up being happy there, and inhibit those (probably me) who might end up unhappy in their environment. Surveys of employee satisfaction are a big part of Fortune's selections and rankings.

5:46 PM  

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