Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Media Matters - Gone with the wind

Policy Differences: Clinton/Obama

From Altercation:

Speaking of saturation election coverage, when you're waiting for Super Tuesday returns tonight, instead of watching the 52 different screens in The Situation Room or listening to a Hardball panel ponder all the reasons Hillary may express emotion, here are five articles to read about the candidates that might tell you something useful:
  • Ezra Klein on Clinton and Obama's differing visions on how to fix the economy, from the The American Prospect.
  • Mark Schmitt, also in the The American Prospect, on Clinton and Obama's very different ideas of the presidency as an office.
  • Obama v Clinton: Who's Greener? from The Nation.
  • Timothy Noah's breakdown in Slate of Clinton's and Obama's respective health-care plans, here and here.


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