Sunday, March 09, 2008

In Marrakech

Arrived in Marrakech. Walked, walked, walked so I desperately need to lie down for a while. Some of the things I heard about this place are certainly true--nearly everyone is trying to make money by being a tour guide or even just giving you directions. The food stall owners in the square are creative however---they speak Hindi to attract Indian customers and they actually have a passable vocabulary and good pronunciation. The fresh fruit here doesn't look quite as fresh as that in Casa but I got some dried apricots. I also got some spice mixes from a place that looked like the Ikea of Berber pharmacies. To see pics --by other people-- of the three most interesting sights I saw today, go to flickr and search for musee du marrakech, marrakech medersa, and koubba ba'adiyn.


Blogger Ashutosh said...

Must be exotic, hearing Hindi in Marrakech

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