Tuesday, November 17, 2009

28 Hours in Udaipur Without Any James Bond

A lot of hotels in Udaipur have a daily or a non-stop showing of Octopussy, which was mostly filmed here. Somehow I missed out on this, so I will have to go to netflix and put the dvd on the top of my queue. I did enjoy this city and I wish I could spend another day here. Unfortunately I have to get on a train that arrives in Ajmer at 3.45 am. Ugh. Not even sure whether Ajmer is worth visiting at this rate, but we have a reservation so that's that.

My goof for the day was setting my camera to take low-res pics and forgetting to reset it back to high-res. So some of my best sunset pics are lowish res now. Oh well I do have more spare memory on my card, which is good.

For some good pics of Udaipur taken by other people, see www.flickr.com/groups/udaipur/


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