Wednesday, August 13, 2003

On Two Atlanta Bookstores
Since this blog gets a few hits from Atlanta residents searching for neighborhood blogs, I should mention that A Cappella Books and Atlanta Book Exchange are the most interesting bookstores -- no the most interesting stored, period -- within the perimeter. A Cappella is in the faux-bohemian district of Little Five, and its featured selections are usually new Chomsky and Vidal titles. Atlanta Book Exchange specializes in art and architecture, but it stands out because its owner has stuffed every corner, crevice and cranny of the store with books. (It's sister store is Beaver's Book Sale and it's daughter store is Discount Books.) Both stores are inexpensive and show excellent taste in their selection.

India in France
Brett e-mailed me an article in Le Monde about a new film that, in the style of Monsoon Wedding and Bend It Like Beckham, should appeal to Indians, expat Indians, and Westerners. What's unusual is that it is set in Paris, which has much fewer Indians than the U.S. or U.K.

On a related note, George discovered this story about James Bond films being translated into three Indian languages.