Thursday, February 01, 2007

Best Academic Lecture Podcast Yet
I've been subscribing to the U of Chicago and U of Virginia podcasts for a while now and haven't found much of interest, but while googling for Stephen Levitt audio, I found the Colorado College podcast, which has Levitt, Michael Berube, Jim Wallis, and Mark Bauerlein. And that's just in the past 12 months.

UPDATE: There's also a poetry reading by Philip Levine. A Levine blurb from "Levine writes gritty, fiercely unpretentious free verse about American manliness, physical labor, simple pleasures and profound grief, often set in working-class Detroit (where Levine grew up) or in central California (where he now resides), sometimes tinged with reference to his Jewish heritage or to the Spanish poets of rapt simplicity (Machado, Lorca) who remain his most visible influence."

UPDATE 2: The reason I mentioned Levitt is that he's giving a lecture today at 4.30 (?) at Emory U's Glenn Memorial Auditorium, aka the church near the main entrance. It's part of the Founders week celebration, which also includes a cello recital on Feb. 7 that has Brahms's first piano trio on the program.