Tuesday, March 29, 2005

First Nichols, Now This
From the National Review:
If you haven't read the fine print, May 5 in Atlanta will be a panel session with some of your NR/NRO faves, Q&A, cocktails, and dinner. It'll be a treat for all. Consider it. Rich, Jonah, Kate, Jay, Ramesh, Derb, Stuttaford will be there (so will I). Hopefully great Atlanta weather for a nice long weekend in Georgia will be there. Or drop by if you're a local--a Thursday break. Whaddaya say? Read up on it here.

Thanks! Besides being a treat for all there, it's a fundraiser for us...

Yes, we get treated to you asking "whaddaya say" without irony.

Thursday, March 17, 2005


Tom Toles

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Posting Has Been Light
Because I've been lazy. I do have a few book reviews and movie reviews to post. In the mean time, here are some remasterings of songs from Rubber Soul. You have to scroll two-thirds of the way down before you get to them. They should be online for a few more days. I can't vouch for their validity but here are Abbedd's notes:
Unfortunately all the Beatle CDs are horrible. Harsh and boomy at the same time. And Rubber Soul is the worst. It was the only CD that was ADD. For some reason Sir George Martin, the original producer, decided to remix this album from the multitracks. All other CDs were produced from the album masters. Sir George forgot to mention to EMI that he had developed a hearing problem. Sir George moved the bass guitar way to the front. Then he juiced the mids and highs to compensate. So when I remastered this I had a terrible time. I cannot move the bass guitar back, I only have an equalizer. If I lessen the bass the highs are excessive. If I bring down the highs to where I like it, the bass is too much. I think I have achieved a nice balance. The voices sound real and the maracas and cymbals as well. This was the hardest CD that I have remastered to get to sound to my liking. It is slighty bright to my liking but we will all have to live with it.